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MediaBlend offers web design for your school or district's online presence.

View our hosting package plans to find the right hosting solution for you and your site.

Website Design

With over 10 years in the business of establishing rising companies and building upon medium sized companies, MediaBlend, Inc. has established itself as one of Orange County's premier web develeopment firms. Not only do we focus on marketing and reaching new audiences, but we also look at how your website can do more for your business and productivity. Our clients include such companies as HARLEY DAVIDSON, MONEYGRAM, TRANE INTERNATIONAL, ORANGE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

Is Your Site?

  • Generating revenue?
  • Representing your company image in the way that it should be?
  • Engaging site visitors almost instantly with a stunning and usable interface and optimized content?
  • Supporting your staff, production teams, and sales teams?
  • Making any departments' jobs easier?
  • Driving targeted leads and increasing sales?
  • Impressing your CFO who didn't want the site to begin with?
  • Easy to update, maintain, add content to, maintained by an experienced company with hundreds of accounts and a reputation that is trusted by several branches of the US Government?

Why Choose MediaBlend?

  • Over 10 years of experience developing successful projects for small companies, large companies, and dozens of US Government offices.
  • A known reputation in the education industry building software and websites for departments of education, school districts, and individucal schools and PTA's.
  • A list of clients that include Harley Davidson, US Navy, MoneyGram, and other Fortune 500 Companies?
  • A friendly and inviting office that is open for you to come and watch your team work and collaborate with them in real time.
  • Customer service that is unrivaled and will keep you coming back for more.
  • Executive management with experience that will blow you away. Our executive team will assist you in planning your project, brainstorming ideas, and streamlining your business.
  • Experts in the latest technologies including Ruby on Rails, AJAX and more.
  • Experts in standard languages and frameworks like PHP, ASP, .NET, DotNetNuke, and more.
  • Competitive pricing - having tons of government clients says it all.
  • Call us Today!!!

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