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We design websites that accentuate your organization, while conveying all necessary information in a way that’s appealing and easy to digest. Our design team pays close attention to the relationship between UI and UX, to deliver a website that’s as functional as it is alluring. From ecommerce to educational, corporate sites to affiliate platforms, we design with the theme and purpose of your site top-of-mind. Expect a website that’s fast, functional and navigable, for a user experience that’s unparalleled. 

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MediaBlend is the premier web design company in Orange County, with a long history of client success and satisfaction. Our design team focuses on the relationship between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), to ensure your website is visually appealing, as well as easy to use and navigate.

We specialize in designing websites for a variety of industries and purposes, including e-commerce, education, corporate and affiliate platforms. Whether you’re global or local to Orange County, our website designs will capture your intended audience’s attention and turn it into conversions.

Reach out to us today if you need WordPress website design in Orange County and beyond. We’re here to raise your rankings and improve your online presence—one page at a time.

Mobile Friendly Web Design in Orange County

As of February 2023, 60.9% of all website visits were on a mobile device, and 92.1% of users access the internet from their phones. With numbers like these, it’s critical that your site is mobile-friendly. This provides a better user experience to those accessing the site from their phone. Want another big reason to go mobile? Google will penalize you if you aren’t optimized for mobile. it’s why MediaBlend ensures that all versions of your site are functional, beautiful, and engaging on all devices.

Seamless E-commerce Integration

Improving your user experience makes shopping easier for customers and can increase their likelihood of purchasing. Shoppers are less likely to abandon their carts if the checkout process is easy. Better e-commerce systems allow for more comprehensive data tracking and analytics, which helps you make more informed business decisions. By making the shopping process smoother, everyone wins.

CMS Platform


Tailoring your CMS to meet your company’s unique needs doesn’t have to be a cost-prohibitive dream. When you use a CMS, productivity increases because it’s made to work for you and not the other way around. These days, online security can feel like a hit-or-miss, and keeping your company and your customers safe is easier with your own CMS. Training new employees on a beautifully-organized CMS is practically pain-free and ensures fewer human errors.

WordPress Website Design in Orange County

Let us help you grow your WordPress site by implementing stunning, simple designs and an unrivaled user experience. If WordPress design isn’t your thing, don’t worry. It’s ours. Here’s what we can do for your WP website:

  • Customized design and improved aesthetics;
  • Improved website functionality and performance;
  • Better user experience;
  • Increased online visibility and branding;
  • Ongoing support and maintenance;
  • Access to industry-specific knowledge and experience.

Intranet Design Services

Increase productivity, reduce the learning curve of new employees, and manage your teams more efficiently with intranet design services from MediaBlend. An intranet can facilitate and encourage employees to share information, collaborate on projects, and communicate more efficiently. Let us build you an intranet that streamlines workflows and makes it easy to store, organize and share important company information.

Website Design Overhaul

Want to create a website that engages your audience and turns browsers into paying customers? At MediaBlend, our team of skilled web designers can turn your basic website into a place that feels like a meaningful resource in your niche. An attractive website gives your company the appearance of professionalism and legitimacy, and gives customers more buying confidence and trust in your brand.

Our web design services in Orange County keep going even after your renovation is finished—we provide website maintenance too! As the user experience changes, we update your web design to keep things current and running smoothly.

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